A Dark Image of Superman Turns Off Fans!

The fans are definitely taking a “wait and see” attitude on the next Superman movie. I will see it, but I do wonder.

Fans are worried about yet another moody ‘Batman v Superman’ reveal

Dark Superman“To say that some fans aren’t exactly excited for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the next installment from Warner Bros. and DC, may be an understatement. Between the confusion and disappointment with the movie’s title and the sad first picture of Ben Affleck as Batman (which quickly became a meme), the film’s teases so far seem to be having the opposite effect on fans than what the studio intended. Instead of increasing excitement, fans are growing more worried about what we can expect to see when it hits theaters.

The latest reveal unfortunately doesn’t change this trend. On Thursday the first official picture of Henry Cavill’s Superman as he will appear in the movie was revealed by USA Today and simultaneously on the official Twitter account. Superman’s new design looks much like his old one and his serious expression on a gloomy, rainy rooftop keeps the depressing tone going that we saw in Affleck’s Batman reveal. The only semi-exciting part is that the background looks more like a rooftop in Gotham than Metropolis.

For the most part, fans weren’t won over by Superman’s look. On Twitter many poked fun at the once again dark imagery and expressed their boredom with the rather uninspired photo.”

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