Jolla Tablet – The People Powered Tablet!

Last week we had an Open Source notebook computer, this week, it is an open Source, or as they call it, “People Powered” tablet!

The Jolla Tablet IndieGoGo Page

From the Jolla tablet Indiegogo Page – “Jolla Tablet’s Sailfish operating system will be unlike anything you’ve tried before. Once you try it, you’ll never want to go back. Independent and powered by open source, change whatever you like, whenever you like.

At Jolla, we believe in your privacy and respecting our users. That’s why Sailfish OS is totally independent and has been built the way it has. It’s our company policy that we’ll never sell or share your data with anyone. There are no back doors or anything third parties could use for monitoring your activity. Together with the open source community, we’re continuing to strengthen our privacy capabilities at every opportunity.

Multitasking on Sailfish OS shows all your running apps conveniently in one single view. At a glance, you’ll see everything that’s going on, as well as easily switch between apps. You can also control Sailfish OS apps directly from the multitasking view – for example, change your music or play and pause your video stream without opening the app in full.

Sailfish OS works with your natural hand movements via gestures, which makes using the tablet super-fast. You don’t have to push tiny buttons or search your way back home – everything is always under your thumb.

Besides running its own native apps, Sailfish OS has the capability to run Android apps. You can continue using your favourite apps like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as downloading all the latest ones via the Jolla Store and other Android app marketplaces. If an app doesn’t exist, you can always make it.

We want you to tell us how you want your Jolla Tablet to be. It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ll get your voice heard in our community forum It’s here that users can suggest new features for Sailfish OS, as well as discuss ideas with the Jolla Sailors (our development team). Our community votes on whether they’d like to see proposed ideas developed further. Anything that has been voted on by the community is prioritised by the Jolla Sailors.

Our community is a vital part of the process and plays a huge role in making something that is people-made. We already have a solid track record after implementing four out of the eight most voted features to our first product, the Jolla smartphone, during 2014.

With our second product, the Jolla Tablet, we want to involve the community even earlier in the development to make the product you want.”

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