Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Should I Buy This Dress?

Can you imagine a customer asking that question in a fitting room? Nordstrom is using eBay’s technology to build fitting rooms in their stores that allow customers to see themselves in the clothing that they’re looking at but also interact with the mirror which doubles as a screen that can be used as a touchscreen.

It is being tested at two Nordstrom locations, one in Seattle, WA, the other in San Jose, CA. From the touchscreen users can see other clothing options, and even ask for salespeople to bring them another item to try.

The idea is to provide an online experience while retaining the in store purchasing experience. By blending these two methods Nordstrom hopes to be able to bring people into their physical locations and provide services that will keep them coming back.

EBay is developing this technology to demonstrate that they’re more than just an e-commerce company, in fact, they desire to demonstrate that they’re willing to partner with anyone in any area of commerce. The combination of the eBay technology and their PayPal payment service is designed to demonstrate that they are an innovative tech company with a desire to provide services in the business arena.

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