Google Now Has Been Updated on Chromebooks

ChromebooksChromebook users get a Google Now update, and, it seems to be popular.

Chromebook Devices Get Google Now update

Voice Chronicle – By: Seth Charlton – “Android users have the access of Google Now for a while now and even though it may have not picked up as anticipated, users are utilizing it. It is being used by those Android users who would probably be searching a program capitalizing on full Android integration as well as all things which Google will bring by connecting the application through one interface.

Chromebook users will be next set of people to have access to the software as Google is planning to roll out the Google Now launcher for the Chrome OS Beta Channel. The update will result in Chromebook users getting access to Google Now app launcher.

Google community manager for Chrome, Ernest Cabrera, stated that the new launcher is amazing to begin fresh activities on Chrome OS such as launching apps or performing Google search.

He added that its simple, fast and aids in getting things done. Cabrera added they have increased search for helping to find what one is searching for in a quick way along with putting the apps being used most often to one’s fingertips as well as bring power of Google Now to the Chromebook.

If one is an Android fan and one does not know Google Now still, one can know that it tracks activity using other Google software and also formulates what one may require for the future. If one puts a location in the calendar for meeting, Google Now would remind a person when its time to go depending on the time it would be taking to drive there. One doesn’t even need to set a calendar reminder.

Google Now can also keep a person updated on many things such as News that one may be interested in especially using an Android-powered device.”

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