Oracle Signs a Deal With Yahoo to Hijack Your Browser!

Oracle / Yahoo HijackThis is evil at it’s worst! Oracle has signed a deal such that, if you download Java, during the install, if you are not VERY careful, and uncheck a box, the install will change your web browser search to Yahoo! Man! This is rotten on Oracle and Yahoo’s part. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to uninstall browser hijackers off friends computers! Grrrr!

The checkbox is checked by default, so users have to uncheck it to opt out of the Yahoo setting. Anyone rushing through a Java installation in an effort to get some piece of Web software working quickly could pass over this screen and accidentally reset their browser settings.

‘We have definitely made sure that our onboarding process is one that is highly transparent and gives users choice,’ a Yahoo spokesman said in an interview.

Oracle has bundled software with Java downloads for years. The deal with Yahoo replaces a previous exclusive deal with

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