Dr. Bill.TV is Now on BitChute!


One of our fearless fans, Lonnie Best, introduced me to Bitchute. Wikipedia says of the site, “The company was founded by Ray Vahey. He described it as a way to avoid censorship and demonetisation by established services like YouTube.

The first video on BitChute was posted on January 3, 2017. It was called ‘This is the first video on #BitChute’, It was a sample video of a woman using a tablet. The video was uploaded to test the uploading process.

In September 2017, conservative internet celebrity Lauren Southern said she was considering switching to the site in response to YouTube’s demonetisation of political videos.

In March 2018, the site was redesigning and got a brand new logo.”

I am suitably impressed! I do want to support the idea of peer-to-peer via Bittorrent technologies, and, of course, free speech! So, I am now posting the Dr. Bill.TV show there too!

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