Roku and Amazon are the Big Dogs in Cord Cutting

Roku and FireTVThis is why I have an Amazon FireTV App and a Roku Channel! 70% of users are covered!

Amazon & Roku Control Almost 70% of The US Streaming Player Market

Cord Cutters News – Luke Bouma – “We have known for some time now that Roku and Amazon have dominated the United States streaming market. Now according to Parks Associates Roku and Amazon now control almost 70% of the market. This leaves the Apple TV, Android TV, and Chromecast to fight over the last 30%.

‘The adoption of Roku and Fire TV streaming media players continues to grow at the expense of Chromecast and Apple TV,’ said Parks Associates Senior Analyst Craig Leslie.

Roku is still in the lead controlling 39% of all installed streaming media players at the end of the 1st quarter of 2019. Amazon’s Fire TV controls about 30% up from 24% two years ago. This lines up very well without own studies of our readers that shows Roku with a strong lead but the Fire TV catching up quickly.

This strong lead makes being on Roku and Amazon’s Fire TV a must for any streaming services currently on the market. Without Roku and Amazon, you are missing out on 70% of Americans. This is also why Apple recently announced that its new Apple TV app will be coming to Roku and the Fire TV later this year.”

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