YouTube Will Soon Disable Their HTML Player

YouTube on TVYou will still be able to use YouTube on your PC, but the “lean-back” mode for some players will no longer work. You will have to use a special TV friendly app.

YouTube Is Shutting Down its Web-Based TV Interface

Cord Cutters News – By: Luke Bouma “If you had a Fire TV for the last year or so you have likely used the YouTube Web interface. This special version of YouTube’s website lets Web browsers on your TV easily use and have it look and act a lot like the YouTube app for TVs.

Now YouTube has started to warn users that its Web-based TV interface will soon be going away. Its now directing anyone who wants to watch YouTube on their TV to get the app version of YouTube. (Hopefully, your device has a YouTube app for your TV.)

This news comes after YouTube made changes to its back end last week that broke many third-party YouTube apps. Many of these apps quickly found workarounds, but it seems that YouTube is working on something.

The question now is are these changes an effort to force people to use the YouTube app or is YouTube trying to prepare for a roll out for a few updates that are in the works?

Recently we saw Hulu end support for several older legacy devices as it prepared to roll out its new app with a new user interface and a traditional grid guide. For now, we will have to wait to see if YouTube is doing this as the first step of something larger or just ending support for something that is only used by a small number of users.”

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