Windows 10 “De-Bloater” Powershell Script

The script I spoke about on the last Netcast used to “de-bloat” Windows 10 is available at: and is VERY powerful! Run this script if you ARE SURE that you want to fully slim down Windows 10! It WILL get rid of OneDrive, so head’s up to that!

If you DO commit to use this script, it is a good idea to run it every six months, or so. Microsoft, being evil, puts things back when they do updates “for your own good.” I believe in FREEDOM! YOU CHOOSE what you want enabled!

To run it, download the script to your Downloads directory, or Desktop. Then, run Powershell as Administrator (if you do not know how to do this, then this script is NOT for you!) Then simply run the Powershell script within Powershell. It will prompt you as it runs.

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