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PLEEEEEEASE!?!? Stick a pin with your location in my “Frappr Map” for the Dr. Bill Podcast listeners! I have heard from folks before this in Germany, Nevada… and other foreign countries… now you can show us where you are from! Come on! It will be cool! Just click on the “Frappr” logo on the right sidebar column! (What? You didn’t know Nevada was a foreign country?!?!) ;-)

How Microsoft REALLY Works?!

This is a bit old… but this flash cartoon takes us into Windows Vista (when it was called by it’s codename… “Whistler”) and explains how Microsoft develops it’s software and builds in those great, new features! Definitely a “Geek Culture” treasure! This is from our friends at “Three Dead Trolls” again! (Who brought us “Every OS Sucks!”)

Behind the Scenes at Microsoft!

I want a copy of “Smarty Pants 2.0” once they work the bugs out!

Secret Symantec Norton Software “Killer!”

Most of you that read this Blog, or listen to the Podcast, know that I don’t like Symantec Norton Anti-virus, and other Norton Software. Way back in “the day” they were OK, but these days, Norton is almost like a virus itself! Why do I say that? Well, have you ever tried to completely remove Norton Anti-Virus from a system? Dewd! It is a pain! And, if anything is left of it in place, other Anti-virus software gets hosed! I wonder why? Hummmmm… well, anyway… if you have ever tried to do an un-install of Norton, you KNOW it is not as simple as “Add-Remove Programs!”

Apparently, Symantec knows this is a problem as well! So, they have a SPECIAL program that they give to customers that have problems removing the programs! Uh huh, you are probably asking the same thing that I did… that is, “If they can create a program that can completely remove the offending software, why not just make the ‘Add-Remove Programs’ Wizard work right the first time?” An interesting question, eh wot?

So, here is a link to the secret Norton un-installer:

Norton Un-Installer Program

A nice tool to add to your arsenal! Now, you can get rid of an expensive pretender and use the FREE Grisoft AVG, which actually works! By the way, here’s the link to THAT:

Free AVG Anti-Virus

Dr. Bill Reminisces! A New Podcast! #23

Dr. Bill Podcast – 23 – (02/11/06)
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2006 and reminisces of 2001 – A Space Odyssey, the 21st Century with Walter Cronkite, “Off” week for blogging, until late in the week, “off” week in the tech world, Printing Bacon?, New Battery Technology with nanotube structures for ultra-capacitors, Freeware and Shareware daily web site link, send me freeware, shareware, and Open Source finds!, the Doctor’s take on “toolbars” and browser “freebies”, Warning on Google Desktop from the EFF, the Doctor doesn’t get viruses due to “safe computing”, Geek Software of the Week: Express Burn, burn ISOs to CDs for FREE!, Nero Burning ROM is too bloated!, other freebies come with “Express Burn,” like “Switch,” that “translates” audio files from one format to another, EVERYONE needs to try Linux!, reminiscing on Xwindows and Digital Computers… the VAXman, OpenVMS systems, and more! How Xwindows works, and the NEW NX protocol, NoMachine and FreeNX, the Podcast runs over by a few minutes!!!

FreeNX: Linux “Terminal Server” Technology

Way back in “the day” I used Xwindows (X11) on both UNIX and VMS operating systems on “high end” (for the time) workstations and servers. It was a very cool client/server technology that displayed screens of sessions from one system on the screen of another. Though, for those of you that actually worked with it… do you remember that the “Client” and the “Server” seemed logically reversed? Yep. Got a grin out of you! Anyway, it was also SLOW. Very cool, but slow! X11 technology has been around for many years. However, now there is a “New X,” called, interestingly enough, “NX.”

The NX Protocol and Linux Terminal Server

“NX is a new technology that allows one to run remote X11 sessions across slow or low-bandwidth network connections. User experience with NX is one of excellent responsiveness. Users with previous remote X11 session experience are stunned by NX’s speed and its snappy application interaction. Moreover, NX also can connect to remote RDP and VNC sessions and offer big performance wins over TightVNC and rdesktop remote access. NX can do all of this from Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris and Windows workstations as well as from some types of PDA gadgets.”

Very small packets, very fast displays. It sounds like the IGA protocol and Citrix, doesn’t it? I am a Citrix Administrator and consultant, and I can tell you, it is a VERY HOT technology! So… what if you could have an Open Source version (FreeNX), and a fully supported commercial version, by a company that does BOTH? Well, here you go! Commercial, Supported NX

“NoMachine NX is a Terminal Server and Remote Access solution based on a comprising set of enterprise class open source technologies. Thanks to the outstanding compression, session resilience and resource management developed on top of the X-Window system, and the integration with the powerful audio, printing and resource sharing capabilities of the Unix world, NoMachine NX makes it possible to run any graphical application on any operating system across any network connection as if you were sitting in front of your computer.”

Keep an eye on this one! It looks VERY COOL!

Geek Software of the Week: Express Burn

If you are a geek, you sometimes need to burn an ISO image to a CD. Say, you want to install Linux… you can download ISOs but you can’t just “copy” those ISO files to CDs!!! (Believe me, I know some that have actually tried that!) You need a CD burning tool! But tools like Nero Burning ROM aren’t free… and Nero has gotten huge and bloated with features that you don’t need, or want! So, how about a FREE CD burning tool?

Express Burn FREE CD Burning Software


  • Writes both data CDs (for files) and audio CDs (to be played in CD Players).
  • Records CD Recordable (CDR) and CD Re-recordable (CDRW) discs.
  • Support Jolliet and CDA formats.
  • Data CDs support multilevel folders and long file names.
  • Audio CDs are recorded with direct digital recording (so perfect audio quality is maintained).
  • For Audio CDs it supports wav, mp3, wma, au, aiff, ra, ogg, flac, aac and a number of other audio file formats.
  • Data CDs are fully ISO compliant with Joliet extension.
  • Includes command line operation for automation and integration with other programs.
  • Simple, easy to use interface for day-to-day operation.
  • Be sure to download and use the “freeware” edition.

    Google Desktop – Unsafe?

    I don’t like obtrusive doohickies anyway!

    Google Desktop Unsafe!

    “The nonprofit Electronic Frontier Foundation said a new feature added to Google Desktop on Feb. 9 is a serious privacy and security risk because of the way a user’s data is stored on Google’s servers.

    The new ‘Share Across Computers’ feature stores Web browsing history, Microsoft Office documents, PDF and text files on Google’s servers to allow a user to run remote searches from multiple computers, but, according to the EFF, this presents a lucrative target to malicious hackers.

    ‘[We urge] consumers not to use this feature, because it will make their personal data more vulnerable to subpoenas from the government and possibly private litigants, while providing a convenient one-stop-shop for hackers who’ve obtained a user’s Google password,’ the EFF said in a statement.”

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