The Sad Irony of SCO

SCO is very EVIL! More so than even Microsoft! SCO (the Santa Cruz Operation) is the company that decided that instead of innovating, instead of developing great, new products, they would try and make money by litagating. I.E., they took anyone and everyone to court that was using Linux in a major way, with the bare faced lie that “Linux” had stolen their (some say with good reason that they don’t even own it) UNIX source code. How a huge, Open Source project with no one company behind it can “steal” is, of course, a bit of a problem too. It would be like saying another movement like, oh, let’s say the “right to life” movement, stole source code. As a movement, it has adherents all over the world, from every walk of life. How does a movement “steal?” Well, anyway, SCO is evil… and they are paying for it. Their market share has plummeted. They are losing money hand-over-fist. But it COULD have been different!

The Sad Irony That is SCO!

It is hard to feel sorry for them, though. They made their bed. Now they are lying in it… and a nasty bed it is.

NetBSD Version 3.0 is Out!

It is out and get this… “New in NetBSD 3: native support for the Xen virtual machine monitor! With native Xen support on Intel platforms, NetBSD provides seamless support for execution of multiple guest operating systems with unprecedented levels of performance and resource isolation.” Cool!

NetBSD Version 3.0

I am a Linux kinda guy myself… but NetBSD has come a LONG way, and I may have to check this one out!

“Santa Worm” Installs Rootkit Payload

An Instant Messaging (IM) worm is attacking AOL, MSN, Windows Messenger, ICQ and Yahoo instant messaging networks. The worm installs a rootkit as it’s “payload.”

Santa Worm Installs Rootkit

“The worm, identified as IM.GiftCom.All, was discovered by researchers at IMLogic Inc.’s Threat Center spreading via IM and attempting to trick users into clicking on a malicious URL.

The link lures the target into visiting a harmless Santa Claus Web site, but actually installs a rootkit payload to the victim’s machine, IMLogic said in an advisory.

‘The rootkit payload is often named and when executed hides itself on the user’s system, attempts to shutdown desktop anti-virus software and starts collecting the infected user’s information for broadcast over the Internet,’ the company explained.”

Spyware Infection Leads to MASSIVE Spyware Infections!

The Spyware evilness is getting worse! There is a new spike in Spyware activity, especially among infections that lead to pop-ups that say, “You are infected with Spyware… click here to have your system cleaned!” DON’T DO IT! You will then receive a boatload of additional Spyware! These guys should be shot!

Infection leads to Infections

May the Great Bird of the Galaxy come to nest in their nose!

Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Flaw!

First, a disclaimer, I have never cared for Norton Anti-Virus. In fact, it stinks! We use it where I work, but I don’t trust it. I have seen it fail too many times, I have seen it compromised too many times, in short, it is just slightly better than nothing at all. That said, it is now worse! A flaw has been found in Symantec Norton Anti-Virus that allows it to be compromised.

Symantec Norton Anti-Virus Flaw

What would the Doctor do? Switch to AVG or Avast! FREE anti-virus immediately! They are both excellent and free! Gotta love that! Links below:

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