Monster Treat to the Internet!

The Internet is one of the last fully “free” places to express oneself. Any dummy can post a website and/or Blog and speak on anything they want to their heart’s content. (Like me, for instance!) But, what if companies (like ISPs) started charging other companies to allow one company’s content to load faster than another’s? This would lead to control of Internet content in the end, and reduce Internet freedom! A Bellsouth “big wig” is proposing just that!

I have never liked Bellsouth because they have always overcharged for everything I have ever had to do with them, and it is one reason that I have personally opted not to use them at home, using VoIP instead via Road Runner.

Bellsouth Exec Wants to Charge Premiums on Internet

Hopefully, public outcry will be heard… or this could jeopardize the Internet freedoms we all take for granted now!

Microsoft Windows Anti-Spyware Update Is Out

I’ll admit, I’ve been on an “Anti-Microsoft” binge of late… sigh! However, I bring out good things when they do them as well. Given that the success of Windows, and it’s lack of security overall has made Spyware so big a problem… it is only fair that they (M$) would release a new, improved version of their Anti-Spyware beta release. Here’s some info on that release:

Microsoft “Defender”

Be sure to read the comments about it as well. Interesting! This release also removes the very EVIL Sony DRM Rootkit. Nice touch!

Xbox 360 – Typically Microsoft!

Why do I say, “typically?” Well, when it works, it is pretty nice… nice interface, pretty images… but as with everything else M$, it isn’t rock-solid dependable! You’ve heard of the “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) on Windows systems… here are screen shots of the equivalent on the new, much hyped, Xbox 360:

Xbox 360 crash screens

After all the lead-up to the Xbox 360 release, one would think that they would have tried to make it less prone to crashing! Oh, yes! It is not a bug, it is a feature!

Flawed Study Again Shows Microsoft is Willing to Lie to Dis Linux!

As the author says, “Another day, another lame attempt by Microsoft to show that Windows is better than Linux.” Of course we know, it is not! However, that doesn’t stop M$ from pulling out the stops to lie about it!

Opinion: New Linux study suggests fundamental Microsoft credibility problems

Read this article carefully. Bottom line: If M$ is willing to skew the data this much, what does it say about their belief in their own product?!? There is a reason that Netcraft says (as of today) that Linux has 70.98% of the Web server market. That is out of 74,572,794 sites that reported. Dewd! The numbers tell the story. Webmasters know who to trust. After all, you want your Web server up at ALL times!

By the way, I am (of course) running CentOS Linux on all my web servers at Dr. Bill Bailey.NET. Word.

Sex and the FBI: Will it Get You to Open an Attachment?

A better question? Are you an idiot? No? Prove it! Don’t open an attachment that claims to be a Paris Hilton video, or link/download tool to receive it! Also, if the “FBI” sends you an e-mail that says that they have evidence that you have been visiting “naughty sites”, well… do you REALLY think they would TELL you?!?

Sex, Lies and the FBI

So… I ask again, are YOU an idiot? I hope not. Bottom line, don’t EVER click ANY e-mail attachment!

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