Google Chromecast – Is it a Revolution in IPTV?

Google ChromecastI say, yes! Google’s Chromecast debuted last week to much hoopla, and excitement from geeks everywhere! (Followed shortly by gripping and groaning from nay-sayers, which I will cover in a moment.) As you can see from the photo above, the Chromecast is a simple looking device, but what is does is awesome!

The naysayers have been saying things like:

1) It doesn’t have enough “native” apps yet!

(So what!? It displays whatever you see and “cast” from your browser, so that could be ANY service!)

2) It isn’t that small device that is the size of a thumbdrive after all… it has a long dongle for power and plugs into the wall!

(Again… so what!? If you have a modern HD TV that has a powered version of HDMI jacks on your TV, it will NOT have to use the external power… and even if you do, it is all behind your TV anyway, and once you plug it in, you are done!)

3) My Roku already let’s me see Netflix.

(OK, but your Roku doesn’t let you display your PC’s web browser, and anything running in it, on your HD TV via the Roku. I don’t see abandoning my Roku either, but at $35.00 why not get the capability to see my PC’s web browser on my HD 55″ TV in all it’s glory!?)

Chromecast Specs:

Output: HDMI, CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) compatible
Max. Output Video Resolution: 1080p
Dimensions: 72(L) x 35(W) x 12(H) mm
Weight: 34g
Wireless Standards: 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi (802.11n 2.4GHz only)
Wireless Security: WEP, WPA/WPA2
Power: USB (Power adapter included)
Includes USB cable and power adapter
Plugs into TV directly and powered from TV’s HDCP compatible HDMI port or wall outlet

DEWD! This is a no-brainer!

“The Doctor Really IS Out of Here Edition” of Dr. Bill Podcast #155

Dr. Bill Podcast – 155 – (09/27/08)
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Slingbox HD is Finally Out!

I have a “regular” Slingbox, and it is pretty dog gone cool! It allows you to connect the slingbox to your TV and DVR, and then connect it to your Internet connection… and then watch your TV shows from anywhere on the Internet! So, from my Mom’s house at the lake, I can watch a recorded DVR show… cool! Now they have an HD version! Very cool!

High-def Slingbox enters the market

“News from Sling Media hasn’t been this big in quite a while. The Slingbox Pro-HD is now available — the company’s first device that enables streaming of high-definition content. Though the device is half a year late, the new Slingbox Pro-HD is fortunately over a hundred dollars cheaper than originally anticipated. Priced at $299.99, the Slingbox Pro-HD can be purchased directly from Sling, or at select stores throughout the country. Select stores? As it turns out, those stores’ locations are quite sparse. In Maryland, for example, there are no stores selling the device at all. Maryland residents would have to drive to either Virginia or Pennsylvania to buy a Slingbox Pro in person. Sling Media says that eventually Best Buy, Fry’s, J&R, Microcenter, and more will begin carrying the device in the coming weeks. For the Slingbox Pro-HD to work as intended, a home connection with a 1.5 Mbps or higher uplink speed is necessary. HD sources can be one of the following: over-the-air HD digital signals (ATSC), digital cable channels (Clear QAM), HDTV cable set-top boxes, HDTV satellite receivers, or HD DVRs.”

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