Geek Website of the Week:

One-click screen capture recording on Windows or Mac computers with no install for FREE! This is a pretty slick idea! No install, yet a full screen capture of your session. Great for demos and showing users how to use software. Give it a try!

Max record time: 15 min

Free hosting (15 min per upload)

Record screen and webcam

Publish to YouTube HD

Publish to MP4, AVI, FLV movie

Publish to Google Docs

Publish Screen Shots

No watermark when publishing

Password protect screencasts

Use offline outside browser (Win or Mac)

Geek Web Site of the Week: Free Video Coding!

So, sometimes you need to embed a video on a web page, or create a “pop-up” window to show a video. This site has an on-line wizard that will generate the code for you!

Free Video Coding Web Site

“Get free video codes, embed your video and audio clips — now!

How do you embed videos? Get free video codes from Just answer simple questions and we create custom html video codes based on your answers. Our free video codes are guaranteed to work with all your video clips and audio clips. Works with all media: wmv, mov, swf, flv, rm, even mpeg and avi. Easily post videos on web pages, blogs, videoblogs, MySpace, Craigslist, E-Bay, LiveJournal, Friendster and more.”

Geek Website of the Week:

Convert videos, e-books, documents, audio, hashs, all kinds of formats of all kinds of things from one to another! How cool is that?!?!

Geek Website of the Week:

“This free online file converter lets you convert media easy and fast from one format to another. We support a lot of different source formats, just try.

Convert media free, fast and online. No software installation needed.”

Geek Web Site of the Week: Join.Me!

Join.MeDo you ever have a need to “take over” someone’s computer, say to demo something to them, or fix a problem? Well, Join.Me is a cool way to do it! Made by the same folks that do, Join.Me is easy, straightforward, and very cool to use. Check it out!

Join.Me Web Site

It is great for working with those folks that “just don’t get it” when it comes to the typical “take over my PC” scenario!

Geek Software of the Week: HWiNFO!

HWiNFOThis is a Geek Software of the Week, and a Geek Web Site of the Week! Check out these great freeware utilities:

HWiNFO/32/64 Tools

“HWiNFO, HWiNFO32 and HWiNFO64 are professional hardware information and diagnostic tools supporting latest components, industry technologies and standards. These tools are designed to collect and present the maximum amount of information possible about computer’s hardware which makes them suitable for users searching for driver updates, computer manufacturers, system integrators and technical experts as well. Retrieved information is presented in a logical and easily understandable form and can be exported into various types of reports.”

These are AWESOME tools, and they keep them up-to-date! It allows you to determine EXACTLY what hardware that you have installed, which is handy if you are doing updates, checking for conflicts, etc.!

Geek Software of the Week: Passmark OSFMount!

Passmark OSFMount
This is a very handy utility that allows you to mount ISOs as a drive letter in Windows to get to a file structure on the image. Very neat! And, it is FREE!

Passmark Software’s OSFMount Utility

“OSFMount allows you to mount local disk image files (bit-for-bit copies of a disk partition) in Windows with a drive letter. You can then analyze the disk image file with PassMark OSForensics™ by using the mounted volume’s drive letter. By default, the image files are mounted as read only so that the original image files are not altered.

OSFMount also supports the creation of RAM disks, basically a disk mounted into RAM. This generally has a large speed benefit over using a hard disk. As such this is useful with applications requiring high speed disk access, such a database applications, games (such as game cache files) and browsers (cache files). A second benefit is security, as the disk contents are not stored on a physical hard disk (but rather in RAM) and on system shutdown the disk contents are not persistent.

OSFMount supports mounting images of CDs, which can be useful when a particular CD is used often and the speed of access is important.”

Passmark OSFMount - File Extensions

Geek Website of the Week:!

So, you are a Netflix user (like I am) and want to search Netflix, (with your shiny, new Roku, like me!) But, the clunky Netflix interface has you frustrated! Is that your problem, dewd?!? Well, this guy wrote a search site using the Netflix API! The trick is to log into your Netflix account FIRSTTHEN go to this site:

Search by most popular, search by genre, or, check out the “Worst of” list! (Weird!) Anyway, free, cool, and very helpful!

Combo: Geek Software AND Website of the Week:!

So, as you know, I like the FREE! But, sometimes, very rarely… I find something that is so worth the money, I STILL recommend it! offers a LOT of great software, and they have a deal going on that REALLY makes it worthwhile! If you but buy ONE unlimited license of ONE of their software packages, you get a license to use ALL of their software! Very cool! I bought an unlimited license to their audio file converter, then I downloaded and tried their Video Editor. NICE! This editor has features found in very expensive, high end packages, and works great!

Very nice, folks! Check it out!

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