DirCaster Version 0.9i is Out… Really! This Time For Real!

OK, we had a bumpy road this time, but there were ton’s o’ fixes that had to be addressed, and I am VERY VERY happy with the end result! Henry has done a super-amazing job on this release! Now, “The Cloud Option” is working, as well as the “Classic” non-remote media way, and several tweaks, and documentation changes that will (hopefully) make it easier to understand what’s up! Enjoy!

The DirCaster Project Web Site

Geek Software of the Week: MediaLister!

The MediaLister Open Source ProjectYes, I am declaring our own, new Open Source project, Medialister, the GSotW! So what!?! Naaah! I am just that proud of what our own master PHP guru, Henry Ratliff, hath wrought! Both DirCaster and MediaLister are sponsored and maintained by Dr. Bill Bailey.NET! Check out the MediaLister web site:

The MediaLister Open Source Project

“You have a web site and you want to show your videos to the world! You shoot, them, convert them to Flash format (.flv files) and are ready to display them on your site. But how? Using our Open Source tool kit called ‘MediaLister!’

Similar to our other Open Source project for RSS feeds called ‘DirCaster‘ now, you just drop your Flash media files in a directory, update a simple XML file with metadata, and you are displaying your site videos!”

So, this is also the official “kick-off” announcement, stay tuned as it grows and develops! Check it out in production on the new, and improved, (thanks to MediaLister) Dr. Bill.TV Episode List!