Microsoft Slapped with a $32 Million Dollar Fine!

Whoa! This might eat into Uncle Bill’s bubble gum money!

Microsoft Fined in South Korea!

“Less than a month after it reached a $30 million settlement with South Korean Internet portal Daum, Microsoft has been fined another $32 million by the country’s Fair Trade Commission. The Korean FTC has also ordered Microsoft to unbundle its instant messaging client and media player from Windows, and link to competing software.”

Microsoft has been “naughty!” And, for once, somebody is holding them to it!

“Podcast” is the New Word of the Year for 2005!

Never let it be said that we are not on the “cutting edge” of Geek Culture! It has now been officially proclaimed that the word “podcast” is the “New Word of the Year for 2005!” It beat out terms like “bird flu”, “lifehack”, and others.

Podcast is Word of the Year!

So, stay tuned and listen to the “Dr. Bill – The Computer Curmudgeon Podcast!” We are “where its at!” [Grin!]

Dr. Bill Podcast # 13!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 13 – (12/03/05)
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New mic with stand and mic pre-amp, my birthday was this past week (the “big 50”), Firefox web browser 1.5 is out!, Microsoft’s terrible Internet Explorer flaw and an evil exploit that compromises your system and downloads malware, Firefox’s new web site, kudos to Firefox users on our site!, giving out “net tickets” to clueless users that misuse network resources, a “face transplant” in France that mimics the movie “Faceoff”, how does a face transplant compare to “zombie dogs?”,Google G-Mail adds free anti-virus!, benefits of web based e-mail, I don’t click on attachments, “thumbs up” to Google!, benefits of a “free” Internet, Bellsouth “big wig” seeks to charge for net speed, rant on evil Internet schemes!, by the way, Bellsouth is evil anyway!… they have always treated me badly, even when they were Southern Bell, why I went with VoIP when I moved back to Greensboro recently (through Road Runner), Internet Explorer flaw (again), I always install Firefox on customer systems, send me e-mails with questions and problems you may be having on your system (drbill [at], …stupid user tricks!

Internet Explorer Flaw Utilized to TERRIBLE Effect!

I have been telling you for a LONG time not to use Internet Explorer. And not just because Microsoft is evil. (Even though they are!) But rather, because Internet Explorer is NOT safe to use! Now, there is an even BIGGER reason to drop IE!


The Delf-DH Trojan downloader uses an Internet Explorer vulnerability to infect unprotected Windows users who stray onto maliciously constructed websites. Delf-DH downloads other malware onto infected machines changing settings in order to monitor user activity and redirect surfers onto porn sites. So, use Firefox instead… NOW!

FREE Firefox SAFE Web Browser!

Monster Treat to the Internet!

The Internet is one of the last fully “free” places to express oneself. Any dummy can post a website and/or Blog and speak on anything they want to their heart’s content. (Like me, for instance!) But, what if companies (like ISPs) started charging other companies to allow one company’s content to load faster than another’s? This would lead to control of Internet content in the end, and reduce Internet freedom! A Bellsouth “big wig” is proposing just that!

I have never liked Bellsouth because they have always overcharged for everything I have ever had to do with them, and it is one reason that I have personally opted not to use them at home, using VoIP instead via Road Runner.

Bellsouth Exec Wants to Charge Premiums on Internet

Hopefully, public outcry will be heard… or this could jeopardize the Internet freedoms we all take for granted now!

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