A Roku Private Channel “List of Lists!”

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So, you know I LOVE my Roku! In fact, part of the fun of my Roku box is that I like to find new, private channels! “Private Channels” are channels you can get on the Roku, that are not advertised as available in the “official” Roku Channel Store. But, they work, they are cool, and many of them are better than the published “official” channels!

You know that we have OUR OWN Official Roku Channel called “Dr. Bill Bailey.NET” that is available in the Roku Channel Store, and with the code word: “DrBillTV”. So, how would you add that channel? Go to your Roku account on the web, login, then go to this address:


Enter the Roku Channel code word, then click on the “Add Channel” button! Then, go to your Roku box, enter the Roku Channel Store via the icon in the Channel Line-up, and then exit back “up” to the main level, this will force an “update” of your box. You will then see your new channel!

So, here’s my “List of Lists” that I use to find cool, new Roku Private, or “Hidden” Channels!







Enjoy finding hidden Roku Channels!