Geek Software of the Week: Etcher!

This is a very cool Open Source tool for setting up a bootable USB stick from .ISO files! Available for 32 and 64 bit Windows, Mac, and Linux!

Etcher – USB Tool for Setting Up Boot Drives

“Burn images to SD cards and USB drives, safely and easily.

Validated Burning
No more writing images on corrupted cards and wondering why your device isn’t booting.

Hard Drive Friendly
Makes drive selection obvious to avoid wiping your entire hard-drive

Beautiful Interface
Who said burning SD cards has to be an eyesore.

Open Source
Made with JS, HTML, node.js and Electron. Dive in and contribute!

Cross Platform
Works for everyone, no more complicated install instructions.

More on the way
50% faster burns, simultaneous writing for multiple drives.”

Geek Software of the Week: Remix OS!

Remix OSDo you want to “revive” an old PC and turn it into an Android software running powerhouse? Try Remix OS!

From the Remix OS Web Site:

“Remix OS for PC allows you to run our PC optimized version of Android on any computer. Through a simple and quick setup process, enjoy millions of Android apps and games on your PC alongside the many intuitive and amazing PC features we’ve engineered into Remix OS.

Remix OS began as a vision for a world in which the boundaries between mobile and PC would forever be eliminated. Join the millions of users who have already switched to Remix OS and become a part of the future of Android PC.

Remix OS gives you access to over 2+ million Android apps and games. Most are free and can be installed with a single click from any Android app store of your choice.

A key advantage to Remix OS’ Android app ecosystem is the flexibility to choose the apps that best fit your habits and preferences.

Think of Remix OS as the love-child between an intuitive PC desktop experience and Android apps + games. The multitude of features we’ve meticulously engineered into Remix OS are designed to bring you the best of both worlds – a complete fusion of mobile and PC.

Through our game-changing Remix OS for PC, you can experience Remix OS for yourself on your PC. The setup process is 3 quick and easy steps. Oh right, did we mention it was free?”

Geek Software of the Week: KeepVid!

I bought the paid, downloadable version of this software…. for reals! It is VERY, VERY impressive! If you need something like this, I HIGHLY recommend it! They live up to their tagline: “KeepVid – The Best Free Online Video Downloader!”


“KeepVid Video Downloader is a free web application that allows you to download videos from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitch.Tv, Vimeo, Dailymotion and many more. All you need is the URL of the page that has the video you want to download. Enter it in the textbox on the web site and simply click ‘Download.’ KeepVid will then fetch download links in all possible formats that the particular site provides.”

Geek Software of the Week: Winstep Nexus!

Winstep Nexus

Winstep says of it self that it is “The Advanced Docking System for Windows.” Check out this description from their web site:

“Wikipedia defines a dock as a user interface feature of a number of operating systems that typically provides a user with a way of launching and switching between applications.

The Winstep Nexus Dock is a FREE professional dock for Windows. With Nexus, your most frequently used applications are only a mouse click away – and Nexus turns working with your computer into a fun and exciting experience.

Nexus Ultimate is an enhanced version of the free-to-use Nexus dock which is available stand-alone or as a component of Winstep Xtreme (a single easy-to-install package featuring all of Winstep’s popular desktop enhancement products for Windows).”

Geek Software of the Week: ScreenToGIF!

ScreenToGIFThis tool allows you to record a selected area of your screen and save it as a Gif.



  • Record your screen and save directly to a gif looped animation or a video.
  • Pause and continue to record or start over by discard the recording.
  • Move the window around to record what you want, it stays on top.
  • You can add Text, Subtitles, Title Frames, Borders, Watermarks, Drawings, etc.
  • Crop and Resize.
  • Remove frames that you don’t want.
  • Select a folder to save the file automatically or select one before encoding.
  • Add the system cursor to your recording.
  • Very small sized and portable executable.
  • Requires .Net Framework 4.6.1. Download Net 4.6.1 here.

Geek Software of the Week: 7Zip!

7Zip Compression Tool

7Zip Download

FreewareFiles Editor’s Review – “7-Zip is a free zip program that is compatible with different file and archive formats, including the advanced 7z compression format. People commonly associate file compression with ZIP file format but there are actually many other formats out there, and it is good to have a single program that can handle most of them.

Compatible Formats

For compression and decompression, 7-Zip is compatible with 7z, TAR, ZIP, BZIP2 and GZIP. The program can also unpack many other file formats, including CAB, CPIO, ARJ, CHM, ISO, DEB, MSI, DMG, LZH, HFS, RAR, XAR, UDF, RPM, WIM, Z AND NSIS.

The program can be used to compress many file formats, including text and image files.

Compression Ratio

7-Zip generally compresses files better than other compression programs. For example, the program compresses 65MB of such easily-packed files as DOC to about 6MB while zipping the same files via Windows Explorer creates a zip archive of more than 8.5MB.

However, the free zip program does not compress JPEG files as well but remember that these files are already compressed anyway. The best compression results are achieved when native creating 7z files.


7-Zip has several file compression features found in other compression utilities, including:
Multi-volume support
Password protection
Batch compression
Integration with Outlook
The program fully supports Windows Explorer, and almost all its functions can be accessed by right-clicking files.
Although it is possible to perform batch compression and extraction using either drag and drop or hot keys, the feature is not directly supported in the program. Users can also create self-extracting archives when they download necessary plugins and modules from the official website.


While users will get limited support, this is true for most free software. Do not expect an active customer support. However, there are relatively active online forums and a built-in user guide.


7-Zip is a good free file archiver that can be used to compress files into many formats and unpack even more compression formats. However, its user interface is not the friendliest to ordinary people, especially considering that it lacks a Wizard. It has too many options that make it more suitable for users with some technical skills. Fortunately, many options are only available when a user presses the F9 key.

The .7Z files can also confuse many users who may not even be aware that they are compressed. However, the fact that the file format is not easily recognizable has its advantages. For example, you can use it to send an executable file as an e-mail attachment, something you cannot achieve with ZIP files.

Software Product Description

7-Zip is a free zip / unzip file archiver with a high compression ratio.

The main features of 7-Zip:

Highest compression ratio in new 7z format with LZMA compression
7-Zip is free software distributed under the GNU LGPL
Supported formats: 7z, ZIP, CAB, RAR, ARJ, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, CPIO, RPM and DEB
For ZIP and GZIP formats 7-Zip provides compression ratio that is 2-10 % better than ratio provided by PKZip and WinZip
Self-extracting capability for 7z format
Integration with Windows Shell
Powerful File Manager
Powerful command line version
Plugin for FAR Manager
Localizations for 47 languages
works in DOS using HX Extender
There is port of command line version for DOS, Linux/Unix.”

Geek Software of the Week: Raimersoft TapinRadio!

You know I LOVE Internet Radio, in fact, I help technically with two stations! This freeware app will not only let you listen to Internet Radio, you can also record it!

Raimersoft TapinRadio Web Site

Key Features

Quick in memory search
Extensive station directory
Scheduled recording possible
Portable installation available (Choose portable during installation)


Free (not all features available)
Pro version available which adds:

Allow multiple instances
Schedule recordings
Show cover art
Show lyrics
Station listing updated weekly

Geek Software of the Week: Chocolatety Nuget!

How cool is it to be able to install software on Windows as easily as apt-get does in Debian based Linux distros?

Chocolately Website

“Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows (like apt-get or yum but for Windows). It was designed to be a decentralized framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need. It is built on the NuGet infrastructure currently using PowerShell as its focus for delivering packages from the distros to your door, err computer.

Chocolatey is brought to you by the work and inspiration of the community, the work and thankless nights of the Chocolatey Team, and Rob heading up the direction.

You can host your own sources and add them to Chocolatey, you can extend Chocolatey’s capabilities, and folks, it’s only going to get better.

With all of this in mind, think of Chocolatey as a framework that you can build on top of. Chef, Puppet and Boxstarter all have ways for using Chocolatey to ensure the state of a computer and packages installed. Even Microsoft has decided to use Chocolatey’s framework with the upcoming OneGet client! See Jeffrey Snover’s post for more information.”

Geek Software of the Week: Bandizip : All-In-One Free Zip Archiver!

This has the advantage of being very light on resources, and being FREE! Also, there is both an installed and a portable version.

Bandizip : All-In-One Free Zip Archiver

“Bandizip is a lightweight, fast and free All-In-One Zip Archiver.

Bandizip has a very fast Zip algorithm for compression & extraction with Fast Drag and Drop, High Speed Archiving, and Multi-core compression. It handles the most popular compression formats, including Zip, 7z, Rar, and so on.

Operating system : Windows 2003, XP, Vista, 7/8/10 (Support for 32-bit and 64-bit)
License : Freeware (No Adware/Spyware/Virus), EULA


Compression and Extraction:
Zip(z01), ZipX(zx01), TAR, TGZ, LZH, ISO, 7Z(7z.001), and EXE(e01).

Extraction Only:
Support for Unicode to display international characters.
Bypass files that don’t compress well using the ‘High Speed Archiving’ function.
Extract files to the destination folder directly using the ‘Fast Drag & Drop’ function.
Create self-extracting files (.EXE) and multi-volume (split) archives.
Optional archive encryption using ZipCrypto and AES 256.
Context Menu access including the ‘Preview Archive’ function.
Create or extract multiple zip files simultaneously from windows explorer.
Free to use at both home and in the office.”

Geek Software of the Week: Neverware’s CloudReady!

Neverware's CloudReadyTurn your old computer into a Chrome device! This sounds like fun!

Neverware’s CloudReady

Broad Hardware Support

“Support for almost any computer, with dead-simple installation.

Streamlined Performance

Lightweight install, great performance & automatic updates on machines up to 8 years old.

Linux, Like Never Before

With industry leading design and Google’s cloud services, CloudReady raises the bar.

Broad Hardware Compatibility

Chromium was designed to run only on specific Chromebook hardware. CloudReady makes it run on virtually any machine by providing a single installer image with broad driver support and compatibility fixes.

We’re constantly improving CloudReadys support for all the most common graphics, wifi, trackpad, and even hot-key functionality. It’s easy to install CloudReady and start using it right away. No headaches; no configuration, no expertise needed.

Streamlined Performance

CloudReady only runs one thing: a browser. This makes for a bloat-proof and lightweight OS that can keep machines up to 8 years old fast and responsive.

You don’t need to get a new machine to experience a market-leading OS or get reliable performance. CloudReady works on the computers you already have and lets cloud-services do the heavy lifting.

Linux, Like Never Before

You don’t have to settle if you want a headache-free Linux distribution. CloudReady is an alternative to other Linux distributions that gives you a clean, modern, and unobtrusive desktop.

Integrated throughout the OS is the full potential of Google’s cloud services, from Drive to Docs. Your settings, apps, and files follow you to any machine, and everything else gets out of the way.”

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