The Evils of Pure, White Sugar!

OK, I read something this morning on Dr. Mercola’s Natural Health Blog that blew my mind! Check this out:

Dr. Richard Kahn is the American Diabetes Association chief scientific and medical officer. He recently had an interview with the Corporate Crime Reporter (CCR) and I just have to post a few lines of it for you.

CCR: Sugar does have something to do with diabetes.

KAHN: What? What is the evidence that sugar itself has anything to do with diabetes? There is no evidence.

CCR: There is no evidence that sugar has anything to do with diabetes?

KAHN: None. There is not a shred of evidence that sugar per se has anything to do with getting diabetes.

I could NOT believe what I was reading. The ADA chief medical officer does simply not believe that sugar OR artificial sweeteners have anything to do with diabetes. This can only mean one thing in my view, that this person has sacrificed his integrity for some type of payment.

Nearly everyone reading this blog understands the relationship between sugar and diabetes. In fact my guess is that nearly anyone who has finished fifth grade has this base understanding.

Now, I am stunned on this one! If sugar was a new substance that was trying to be approved for consumption by the FDA, it wouldn’t pass! Why? It is physically and psychologically altering! Pure, white sugar is evil! It causes your body to DUMP insulin into your system, and insulin is the hormone that causes fat to to stored on your frame! (Think about that one!) But, regardless of your particular stand on the “evils” of white sugar… being an authoritative spokesman for a Diabetic organization and saying that there is NO relation between diabetes and sugar is downright crazy!

Now, I know I am the “Computer Curmudgeon,” but I am also a Certified Natural Health Professional, and I can tell you a simple truth… for anyone that wants to “eat healthy”… there are two simple rules that will serve you in good stead: 1) avoid “white foods” (white flour, white sugar,) and: 2) eat lot’s of “colors” (vegetables, greens, fruits.) Now, some of you will say, “But fruits contain sugar!” True… but it is a natural sugar, with naturally produced enzymes included to help digest them. For instance, cut an apple’s skin and watch for a few minutes… what happens? The apple begins to turn brown. Why? It is “digesting itself” with the enzymes included in the apple! Pure, white sugar on the other hand, hits your body like a ton of bricks… and with about the same impact!

Be aware… pure, white sucrose is EVIL! Oh, and as long as I am ranting… drink more pure water! Nearly ALL of America is dehydrated! There, I feel better! I think I will go sip on some water now.

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