I Get Interesting Computer Questions

As a recognized “uber-geek,” I get asked questions about what anti-virus to use (“AVG” or “Avast!,” both free,) what to do about attachments (don’t EVER click on them!), etc. But occasionally, I get a really unique question. Today I was asked, “Do you know anything that will block all gambling sites?” Well, I had never looked into that… I must admit. Gambling has never been an issue with me. I understand that no one really “wins” at gambling. And, somehow throwing away my money has no enticement for me! But, for those that have the addiction (and it is an addiction every bit as bad as drugs, cigarettes, etc.) here is a possible software “solution”:


Warning… it is designed to be “un-removable” once installed, so that the user can’t say, “Well, I REALLY want to gamble!,” and then remove it in order to do so. But anyway, if you need it, check it out!

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