James “Scotty” Doohan Dies at 85

I watched Star Trek on my old black & white TV when it first came on… and a real treat was getting to walk several miles to a friend’s house and watch it on his COLOR TV! Like all the other Star Trek:TOS (The Original Series) characters, I grew up with them, and thoroughly enjoyed watching the episodes over and over!

Now, Scotty won’t be saying, “She canna take anymore, Cap’n!” again… but I will treasure his memory. I got to meet James Doohan several times as a “true blue” Star Trek fan… he even did a small cameo appearance in a “joke video” we did for our R&D Computer Group when I worked at Ciba-Geigy Corporation. We likened the Enterprise under stress to the network under stress, and had Mr. Doohan say, “I canna give ya any more CPU, Cap’n!” at one point during the production… it brought down “the house!” We’ll miss ye, Scotty!

James Doohan Dies at 85

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