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Most fellow geeks I talk to (yes, I “are” one) are married to a “significant other” (as they called it in my college Sociology class) that have no clue AT ALL when it comes to computers, software, systems, etc.

That is not the case with yours truly. My wife, Belinda, is a geek too… OK, not an uber-geek like me, but geeky enough. She has a a degree in Computer Science and was a manager of software developers back at Ciba-Geigy Corporation. So, she finds it easy to keep up with the ol’ Computer Curmudgeon when I wax totally gear-head. But, she does have her head on straight, so she can keep me somewhat “on earth” when I have to be. So I am blessed! But, it is not that way for many…

Check this out:
Fedora XP: Getting Your Wife to Use Linux

I don’t need it, but you might (you know who you are!)

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