Windows AntiSpyware to Remain Free

Microsoft got geek’s hackles up a month or so ago when they started talking about buying out the biggest spyware company on the planet (the creators of “Gator,”) then reduced the company’s “bad” rating in their Anti-Spyware program… then after the “hoo-hah” they started back-peddling and backed down. They have been saying that their Anti-Spyware program (which is in “beta” release) was going to be part of their “OneCare” program (a pay us money forever to fix our rotten software holes that we left in Windows, hee, hee!) kinda thing. However, they now say it will be free.

Windows AntiSpyware to Remain Free

Oh, yeah. I feel better. On second thought… no thanks!

Star Trek Fans Continue Trek!

Star Trek fans are curious beasts. Those of us that are TRUE Trekkers (not “Trekkies”) love the hopeful, exciting world of the future that Star Trek painted. Many of us that watched the original series as kids have grown up to be technologists and engineers ourselves. And some of us won’t let the dream die!

Star Trek: Hidden Frontier

These are just one of a growing group of Trekkers that are producing their own Star Trek series and showing them on the Internet! Some groups have enough “juice” that they have even gotten Gene Roddenberry’s son, Ron, to join their production efforts. (That would be “Star Trek: New Voyages”, not “Hidden Frontier”… like I said… there are many!)

Star Trek: New Voyages

So… cool! Go for it, team! Let’s see more Trek!

Geek Software of the Week:

OK, what if you need to get to a computer remotely, and you have no way to get a special port opened in the firewall (like you would for, say, TightVNC?) You just want a way to connect to a computer and “take over” the session and use it from “a far”… across the Internet, or do a quick file transfer.

This is a FREE service for the “normal” version… and only $99.00 per year for the Pro version. The free version gives me all I need, at least in my tests. This is pretty cool technology! It installs a Java applet on your computer, and then you connect to it over the Web. Worth a try if you need a secure way to connect to a machine behind a firewall!

The Spirit of Faith Podcast is on the Air!

After 15 years, the Spirit of Faith Podcast (OK, it used to be the Spirit of Faith Broadcast on radio) is back on the air! (Well, the Internet!) I used to have a 15 minute radio Bible teaching program on many local NC radio stations. For more details, see the info at my ministry website: — anyway, it is good to be “back in the saddle!” I encourage you to “tune in” on the Internet for the Spirit of Faith Podcast! Check it out:

The Spirit of Faith Netcast


What IS a Theory?

Merrium-Webster defines “theory” (one of its definitions) as: “a hypothesis assumed for the sake of argument or investigation b : an unproved assumption.” It is interesting to me that there is SO much hubbub over the “Theory” of Evolution. The rub seems to come from the idea (HORRORS!) that we should NOT be allowed to teach Creationism in schools. OK. Why not? What are they afraid of? Creationism is a “theory” of what could have happened (granted for many of us, it is simply believed to be true, but let’s put that aside for a moment.) Evolution is also a “theory” of what could have happened. Do we have anyone present that witnessed creation (or, the “big bang”, or whatever you choose to call it?) Do I see any hands? No? Well then, it seems that in the marketplace of ideas, we could, and should, calmly discuss the relative merits of all generally proposed “theories.” After all, if a “theory” is “an unproven assumption,” then we could intellectually consider either as possible methodologies, couldn’t we? Oh, NO! Not if we are high school students. That is simply not allowed! Hummmm… who, exactly, is afraid to be put in the position of “defending their faith?” Yep. The evolutionists. Relax, guys! Creationists don’t bite. But we seem to have a more intellectual position than you evolutionists; if we are willing to discuss the matter in front of students with inquiring minds. Here’s a link to what got me thinking along these lines:

Bush mentions “Intelligent Design”

We have already made the concession that we don’t have to mention “God” by name (in discussing the theory of “Intelligent Design”)… just so you touchy folks won’t get too nervous! We KNOW how sensitive you can be! But, you won’t even allow a “non-confrontational” discussion of creationism to be presented as “A THEORY”… so, what are we to do? Simply take evolution totally “on faith?” Oh! That’s right. It is OK to take evolution “on faith”… but not creationism. Who is the more scientific? Open minded? Intellectually honest? [Bang !] Got ya!

A One 3 min MP3 = A 5 Foot 9 Inch Punch Card Stack

OK… this will only mean anything to truly ol’ time geeks like me. I first learned PL/1 programming at UNCG using a punch card machine to generate stacks of computer punch cards that were then read in to the TUCC mainframe. (OK, THAT dates me!) Not to say that THAT was my first programming experience, of course, credit BASIC on a Radio Shack Color Computer for that. However, I digress! The main deal is that a standard song on an MP3 today would take a card stack nearly 6 feet high!

Boing Boing: One 3 min MP3 = 5 foot, 9 inch high stack of punchcards

How cool is that!? Makes you appreciate the new high density storage mediums, huh?

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