A New “Dr. Bill” Podcast with Adam Wenner! #8

The new “Dr. Bill” Podcast is out… I am a little disappointed with the “echo effect” caused by the Gizmo Project recording option, but the interview with Adam went well! Check it out!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 8 – (10/29/05)
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The ACTUAL Interview with Adam Wenner (over Gizmo), UNC-Charlotte Campus Network, Norton vs. AVG Anti-Virus, BitTorrent, George Takai “comes out,” Techpodcast Network, Hydrogen Experiments, Alternative Fuels/Flex Fuels, VMware Player, ReactOS, WINE version 0.9 released, Smaller OS footprints, Word 2002 in new MS-Works, Mass. and Open Doc Standards, OpenOffice Memory Bloat, 1 Terabyte per second transfer rate, the U.S. vs. the World in Internet & Cell Access, Dialup should Die!, Rural Internet Options, ISDN and Audio, VOIP Quality, Gizmo vs. Skype, Linux Desktops, Linux & Wireless Drivers, Other Wireless Issues.


  • wow…. thats really echoy, sounds like im one of those people whos trying to hide my identity on one of those crime tv shows

    i was wondering whether i should have recorded it on this end too

    oh well, we gotta try that again


  • Yep. If I had just recorded it with my handy, dandy iSound MP3 Recorder, it would have been great! We will definitely give it another shot!

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