Dr. Bill Podcast #12!

Dr. Bill Podcast – 12 – (11/27/05)
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The audio on this one is BAD! I had microphone pre-amp problems… I will try and get it fixed this week!

Show Notes:
Microphone problems and moving issues, hint: label your transformers to match your equipment, transformer melt down, forgive my shouting, Bill Gates attempts to call Open Source “communist”, the FBI, Sex tapes and attachments, don’t click on attachments, Microsoft is willing to lie to “dis” Linux, 71% of the web server market is Linux, Xbox 360 is out and it is crashing, doctors “pushing drugs” and “Big Pharma”, cholesterol level targets changing to suit drug companies, audio from “The Drugs I Need” cartoon, stay off drugs, Microsoft anti-spyware and the Sony DRM Rootkit, Geek Software of the Week: MP3myMP3, record anything that your computer can play and locate all audio files!

Cranberries Block Tooth Decay!

There are many excellent benefits that can be derived from natural substances like herbs and fruits. We have known for some time that cranberries can prevent urinary tract infections, now, scientists have found that cranberries can also prevent tooth decay!

Cranberries Prevent Tooth Decay

The scientists found a compound in the fruit can stop bacteria from clinging to the teeth, blocking the formation of damaging plaque deposits. Also, the cranberry compound appeared to block bacterial enzymes that play a key role in plaque formation. I think it is great that so many natural substances have the benefits to our health that they do… it seems that our Creator has many natural means to help us protect our health… naturally!

Geek Software of Week: MP3myMP3

So, you like Internet Radio, Streaming Podcasts, Internet Music, etc., etc. You REALLY wish you could record it. Well, now you can! If you can hear it on your system, you can now record it as an MP3 file! Very cool! And, of course, very FREE!

MP3myMP3 Recorder

Download, install, and enjoy the freedom of recording the audio on your computer! Oh, you can also use it to search for, and find, any audio file on your computer. Very nice!

Microsoft Windows Anti-Spyware Update Is Out

I’ll admit, I’ve been on an “Anti-Microsoft” binge of late… sigh! However, I bring out good things when they do them as well. Given that the success of Windows, and it’s lack of security overall has made Spyware so big a problem… it is only fair that they (M$) would release a new, improved version of their Anti-Spyware beta release. Here’s some info on that release:

Microsoft “Defender”

Be sure to read the comments about it as well. Interesting! This release also removes the very EVIL Sony DRM Rootkit. Nice touch!

Cartoon that Parodies Drug Ads!

As a Certified Natural Health Professional, I get REALLY irritated by the drug commercials on TV! They drive me nuts. They usually go something like, “You know you need our drug, you have some symptoms, we won’t tell you what they are, or what our drug will do… but take it! You’ll feel better, and so will we! After all, if you don’t bug your doctor to get him (or her) to prescribe it for you, how will we make the tons of money we make?” OK, something like that. Anyway, apparently, I am not the only one, check this out:

Cartoon: The Drugs I Need!

Listen to the “disclaimerâ€? at the end carefully! It is a hoot! This is also a serious reminder about how the “Big Pharma” companies are partnering with doctors (most, I choose to believe, without their knowing they are party to it) to foist tons of medications on an already overly medicated United States!

Xbox 360 – Typically Microsoft!

Why do I say, “typically?” Well, when it works, it is pretty nice… nice interface, pretty images… but as with everything else M$, it isn’t rock-solid dependable! You’ve heard of the “Blue Screen of Death” (BSOD) on Windows systems… here are screen shots of the equivalent on the new, much hyped, Xbox 360:

Xbox 360 crash screens

After all the lead-up to the Xbox 360 release, one would think that they would have tried to make it less prone to crashing! Oh, yes! It is not a bug, it is a feature!

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