Flawed Study Again Shows Microsoft is Willing to Lie to Dis Linux!

As the author says, “Another day, another lame attempt by Microsoft to show that Windows is better than Linux.” Of course we know, it is not! However, that doesn’t stop M$ from pulling out the stops to lie about it!

Opinion: New Linux study suggests fundamental Microsoft credibility problems

Read this article carefully. Bottom line: If M$ is willing to skew the data this much, what does it say about their belief in their own product?!? There is a reason that Netcraft says (as of today) that Linux has 70.98% of the Web server market. That is out of 74,572,794 sites that reported. Dewd! The numbers tell the story. Webmasters know who to trust. After all, you want your Web server up at ALL times!

By the way, I am (of course) running CentOS Linux on all my web servers at Dr. Bill Bailey.NET. Word.

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