Cartoon that Parodies Drug Ads!

As a Certified Natural Health Professional, I get REALLY irritated by the drug commercials on TV! They drive me nuts. They usually go something like, “You know you need our drug, you have some symptoms, we won’t tell you what they are, or what our drug will do… but take it! You’ll feel better, and so will we! After all, if you don’t bug your doctor to get him (or her) to prescribe it for you, how will we make the tons of money we make?” OK, something like that. Anyway, apparently, I am not the only one, check this out:

Cartoon: The Drugs I Need!

Listen to the “disclaimerâ€? at the end carefully! It is a hoot! This is also a serious reminder about how the “Big Pharma” companies are partnering with doctors (most, I choose to believe, without their knowing they are party to it) to foist tons of medications on an already overly medicated United States!

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