Geek Software of the Week – A Double Header!

Two for the price of one (which is, of course, FREE!) Two Open Source programs that work together to protect your system. The first is ClamWin, a free, Open Source anti-virus. Clam Anti-virus has been around a while, but it has the limitation that it does not scan in “real time,” you would have to initiate a scan to find a virus… however, by combining it with the second, free, Open Source program, WinPooch (weird name, I know!), then you have a setup that will scan in real time for virii, changes to your system, spyware, ad-ware, or trojans! Very cool! However, you must do the following in this order!

Download ClamWin from:

Install ClamWin FIRST!

Then, download WinPooch from:

and install WinPooch! Then, you will get WinPooch notices when it detects modifications in your system, so as to detect a trojan or a spyware installation. You can also set your own security level for anti-spyware, anti-trojan, firewall, antivirus (ONLY if you have ClamWin installed.)

Cool! And, you now also have a weird, cute little dog with squinty roving eyes in your taskbar tray… how cool is that?!??!

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