Google Antes Up 1 BILLION for AOL

1 BILLION for AOL?!?! And, only 5% of AOL, at that. I wouldn’t give you 1 penny for all of AOL, but that is just me!

Google Offers 1 Billion for 5% of AOL

Unquestionably, Google has the bucks to do this… but, I have to wonder, are they just doing it to bust Microsoft’s chops?

“Google has offered to pay $1 billion for a 5 percent stake in America Online, the Wall Street Journal reported Friday, effectively pushing Microsoft out of any negotiation with Time Warner. The news marks a major setback to Microsoft’s efforts to gain a more even footing with Google in the search industry.

If the rumors prove true, it would mean nearly a year’s worth of negotiations between Microsoft and AOL would have been for naught. Microsoft had endeavored to convince AOL to drop Google for MSN Search, as well as combine the sales and advertising departments of the two companies.”

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