THE Fix for the WMF Problem!

A patch to fix the VERY BAD WMF metafile vulnerability! Go the the link, download the patch, and install it. It is VERY important that you do this immediately!

WMF Metafile Patch

This patch offers complete protection for the problem EXCEPT for Windows 98, it won’t fix that (but, hopefully, you aren’t using 98 anyway!) Once Microsoft gets around to responding with their own patch, this patch can be uninstalled in “Add Remove Programs.” Remember, it is ABSOLUTELY necessary to install this patch! Listen to your Doctor! This is the WMF Metafile patch that Steve Gibson recommended on the Security Now! Podcast!

REMEMBER: This fixes a problem that does NOT require you to click on an attachment, or do ANYTHING… just visiting a web page that contains an “infected” image, and you are infected by the WMF Exploit! Take this one seriously!

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