Geek Software of the Week: PORTABLE OpenOffice

This week’s Geek Software of the Week is Portable OpenOffice. That is, the full OpenOffice Suite, designed to be run entirely off of a thumbdrive! That’s programs and data! Wow! This way, you can take your favorite office suite, and your data, with you, no matter what computer you use!

Portable Openoffice!

I like it, because if I have to sit down at someone else’s system, I can have “my” environment to work in, without having to open their software (and use the Evil Empire’s package!) Very cool! And, while you are at it, check out the other applications that are listed that can be run entirely from a thumbdrive!

“ is a community site devoted to the development, promotion and use of portable applications. The site was created by John T. Haller, the developer behind numerous portable applications (like Portable Firefox and Portable as a way to centralize the knowledge and development efforts of multiple portable application efforts.” Neat idea!

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