Will Google Get Into PC Hardware?

Will Google start selling Google branded PCs? THAT would be a strange turn of events!

Google to Sell PCs Soon?

“The Internet giant, based in Mountain View, Calif., is considering selling its own version of a wireless networking device for homes, according to two sources, and is reportedly in talks with giant retailer Wal-Mart Inc. to sell an inexpensive Google-branded personal computer. Google already makes Google-branded hardware, mainly consisting of a line of search engines meant for businesses. Google-branded consumer devices, outside of promotional items like Lava lamps, are hard to find. ”

WOW!!! That was fast! As the comment to this post from Darkmoon points out, the rumor has already been debunked! Here’s that link!

Google WON’T Make PCs

Thanks, Darkmoon! By the way, check out LUX.ET.UMBRA for more of Darkmoon’s great tech info! Here’s the link to his Blog:



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