Unbelievable Video in Your Browser!

This type of color and clarity in a video is what will make IPTV work! Check it out! You will need Macromedia Flash Version 8.0 installed, the link for that is here:

Free Macromedia Flash Player

Then, once you have it installed, close and re-open your browser and go to this link:

Amazing Video!

Very nice! Nice, soothing music, too!


  • hrm. I see pixelation in the video on a 19″ Sony LCD.

  • Dewd! Must be nice to have that large a screen! It looks great on my measly 17′! Ah well… research continues!

  • *laugh* Actually it’s my gf’s. Mine is only a 17′. Probably upgrade when I get some money after rebuilding my linux workstation. *laugh* Stupid thing crashed and burned couple days ago. Good thing I have my linux laptops to hold me through. ;)

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