New Skype Version Wins Over Critics

It seems that the new version of Skype (2.0) is winning over some of it’s critics. I, myself, had been an early user of Skype, and had moved over to the Gizmo Project… maybe I will have to try Skype again. It is free, after all!

Skype V2.0 Wins Over Critics

“Skype 2.0 became available for the general public earlier this week. Improvements from earlier Skype releases include free video calling and the ability to sort contacts into groups like colleagues, friends and family. There’s also mood messages that let fellow Skypers ‘know where you are and how you’re feeling,’ the company said.

Apparently, Skype’s listened to the feedback, some of it pretty nasty. The test version gave rise to a number of complaints ranging from a misfiring voice mail feature to the rather curious choice for the alerts to incoming calls, known as ring tones.

‘I tried an early 2.0 beta last month and didn’t like it at all. But I’ve been running the latest build for the past few days and it is just great, no negative issues with it,’ writes blogger and Skype watcher Neville Hobson.”

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