Secret Symantec Norton Software “Killer!”

Most of you that read this Blog, or listen to the Podcast, know that I don’t like Symantec Norton Anti-virus, and other Norton Software. Way back in “the day” they were OK, but these days, Norton is almost like a virus itself! Why do I say that? Well, have you ever tried to completely remove Norton Anti-Virus from a system? Dewd! It is a pain! And, if anything is left of it in place, other Anti-virus software gets hosed! I wonder why? Hummmmm… well, anyway… if you have ever tried to do an un-install of Norton, you KNOW it is not as simple as “Add-Remove Programs!”

Apparently, Symantec knows this is a problem as well! So, they have a SPECIAL program that they give to customers that have problems removing the programs! Uh huh, you are probably asking the same thing that I did… that is, “If they can create a program that can completely remove the offending software, why not just make the ‘Add-Remove Programs’ Wizard work right the first time?” An interesting question, eh wot?

So, here is a link to the secret Norton un-installer:

Norton Un-Installer Program

A nice tool to add to your arsenal! Now, you can get rid of an expensive pretender and use the FREE Grisoft AVG, which actually works! By the way, here’s the link to THAT:

Free AVG Anti-Virus

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