Geek Software of the Week: CurrProcess

This week’s GSotW comes from “Sam” one of our faithful Podcast listeners in Germany! This is very neat! You can monitor processes on your Windows system and it even “flags” processes that are “bad!” Here’s what Sam says in his e-mail:

“…However here’s my recommendation for the Geek Software of the Week:

CurrProcess by NirSoft

the program is freeware, it’s called CurrProcess and it shows the running processes on your computer, similar to the Task Manager.

The advantage over the Task Manager is that it still shows the processes that are hiding itself and are not shown in the Task Manager which are usually viruses or spyware.

It even marks suspicious processes red, so they are easy to spot.

This program has helped me a lot locating all kind problems on my customers.”


Great suggestion, Sam! Thanks for sharing… and thanks for listening! Keep those e-mail suggestions for GSotW coming in, folks! Send them to: DrBill [AT] (Of course, replace the [AT] with a “@” sign… thanks!)

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