Why Windows Vista WILL Suck… from a Linux Point of View

Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols from Desktop-Linux says that Windows Vista will suck. Our friends from Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie says, “Every OS Sucks” in our previous “Geek Culture” video from some week’s back. Well, one thing is for sure… Windows Vista will require a HUGE amount of RAM, and MONTROUSLY fast CPU, and a MEGA-FAST video card. In other words, you will need a new computer, and it will cost MEGABUCKS! Microsoft is crazy!

Why Windows Vista WILL Suck

Steven says, “‘Suck’ is a relative term, though. Vista will be better than XP, which has easily been Microsoft’s best desktop operating system to date. However, Vista also requires far more hardware oomph than previous Windows systems. I’d say Intel’s recommendations are pretty much a minimum for Vista. I would only add that if you expect to see the fancy desktop, you need to invest in, say, an ATI Radeon XPress 200, an Nvidia nForce4, or a high-end graphics card. The truth is that very, very few people are going to be upgrading their existing systems to Vista. To make it work well, you’re really going to need a new computer. If you didn’t buy your PC in 2006, I wouldn’t even try to run Vista on it.”

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