OK, WAY Weird! A Computer That Works When it is Turned OFF?

Yep, that’s what the magazine “New Scientist” reports… a computer that runs a program and reports the correct answer while “turned off.” Okaaayyy!

Quantum Computer Works Best Switched Off

“They send a photon into a system of mirrors and other optical devices, which included a set of components that run a simple database search by changing the properties of the photon. The new design includes a quantum trick called the Zeno effect. Repeated measurements stop the photon from entering the actual program, but allow its quantum nature to flirt with the program’s components – so it can become gradually altered even though it never actually passes through. ‘It is very bizarre that you know your computer has not run but you also know what the answer is,’ says team member Onur Hosten. This scheme could have an advantage over straightforward quantum computing. ‘A non-running computer produces fewer errors,’ says Hosten. That sentiment should have technophobes nodding enthusiastically.”

Riiiight! Pardon me while I slap back a Diet Pepsi… this is enough to drive a man to drink! Is it April 1st yet?

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