A New Linux Kernel has been Released!

Linux v2.6.16 has been released according to the man himself… Linus Torvalds.

New Linux Kernel Released

Linus says:

“Ok, it’s being mirrored out right now, the git tree should already be all there, the tar-file and patches are still uploading.

Not a lot of changes since -rc6, but there’s various random one-liners here and there (a number of Coverity bugs found, for example), and there are small MIPS and PowerPC updates.

Appended is the shortlog from 2.6.16-rc6, the full log (from 2.6.15) is on the web/ftp-sites.

It looks like both Fedora and SuSE end up using a kernel that is pretty close to this 2.6.16 release, so let’s all hope it’s good. Give it a good testing, please, Linus”

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