A Group of Geeks Seek to Destroy Internet Explorer!

An Internet campaign to get web surfers to move from Internet Explorer to Firefox is making news! They have code that a webmaster can include on their sites that will detect Internet Explorer, and flash up a message for the user to move to Firefox! Dewd! Making the Internet safer for us all!

Explorer Destroyer Web Site

They have started a competition to see you can get under 50% of their web site stats from IE.

“What percentage of visits to your site are with Internet Explorer? Check your stats. If it’s more than 50%, you’ve got some serious work cut out for you…

Think how psyched you would be if less than 50% of your sites’ visitors used IE. It’s a good target: ambitious, but achievable. So we thought we’d make it a friendly competition.

Here’s how it works: if you want to you can turn on code in those scripts that will pass stats to our site about the percentage of IE users who visit. When you get under 50% IE usage, you’ll show up in the list below (coming soon!). It’s like a hall of fame.

There’s even an ‘Under 30’ and ‘Under 10’ section for the overachievers (sorry, mozdev.org is ineligible). So install the script and join the race.”


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