Are Users REALLY Dumb… Or, Do We Geeks Just Expect Too Much From Them?

Weeelll, I have MY opinion, and I bet you can guess what it is!

“Help the Web is Broken!”

“Sometimes, from the view of the help desk, the end of civilization seems near. Very near, indeed. This is one explanation for interactions such as the following:

‘My computer is running real slow. The process ‘System Idle Process’ takes like 90-100 percent of the CPU! And I can’t shut it off! I’ve tried everything!’ (Dr. Bill: the “System Idle Process,” of course, indicates how much IDLE time the CPU has, or, in other words, 98% “System Idle Time” means the system is only running 2% active… duh!)

‘Hi, I just scanned my computer and there were 75 instances of spyware found. Should I delete them?’ (Dr. Bill: Oh NO! You really WANT that Spyware, don’t you?!? It just makes you feel all “warm and fuzzy” doesn’t it!)

‘But are you sure the Internet is safe to use?’ (Dr. Bill: Not for you!)

IT workers toil all day, all over the world, to help bridge the formidable gap between human beings and technology in business. So why doesn’t everyone just get along? Is it that clients continually do ‘dumb’ things or is it the way we geeks approach them?

According to experts, the problems in communication are complex on both sides of the screen. The culprits include ‘TechnoStress,’ the dysfunctional psychology of IT; the sometimes lackluster communication skill sets of technical staff; the generation gap; and the unrealistic expectations of service by clients.”

Are user’s dumb? Actually, no… but they ARE lazy! I have said from way back that what user’s need to do is put the time in to LEARN how to use their computers! We learn to drive, people learn to play instruments. The analogy that computers should be like “toasters or phones” is dead wrong! Computers are sophisticated technological tools that can greatly enhance your life and lifestyle… in order to use them well, you have to learn HOW!

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