PC World’s 25 ALL-TIME Worst Tech

If you had to list the very worse of all tech devices/software/concepts, what would they be? And, could you get people to agree on what these all time worst ideas were? Well, here’s PC World’s Top 25!

The 25 Worse Tech Ideas of All Time!

Here’s the top 10 of the 25, see what YOU think… I must admit, number one IS a no-brainer!

1. America Online (1989-2006)
2. RealNetworks RealPlayer (1999)
3. Syncronys SoftRAM (1995)
4. Microsoft Windows Millennium (2000)
5. Sony BMG Music CDs (2005)
6. Disney The Lion King CD-ROM (1994)
7. Microsoft Bob (1995)
8. Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 (2001)
9. Pressplay and MusicNet 2002
10. Ashton-Tate dBASE IV (1988)

What PC World said about thier list: “Picking our list wasn’t exactly rocket science; it was more like group therapy. PC World staffers and contributors nominated their candidates and then gave each one the sniff test. We sought the worst of the worst–operating systems that operated badly, hardware that never should have left the factory, applications that spied on us and fed our data to shifty marketers, and products that left a legacy of poor performance and bad behavior.”

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