Vista VS. OpenSUSE 10.1

eWeek has an article that I thought I would never see in a “standard” IT newsmag… a “smackdown” comparison between Microsoft Vista and OpenSUSE 10.1 (Linux!) Now, I have no illusions here, obviously due to prior market penatration, Microsoft has the overwhelming advantage, but who would have thought that the day would come that anyone would dare compare a new version of Windows to a new version of Linux? Interesting days are ahead!

Vista/SUSE Smackdown

“In one corner, we have the champ—Windows. Come January, it will come out swinging with what Microsoft tells us is the latest and greatest version ever—Vista. In the other corner, we have the challenger—OpenSUSE 10.1, the latest shipping version of Novell/SUSE’s community Linux. Sometime this summer, its commercial version, SUSE Linux Enterprise 10, will come out looking to KO the champ.”

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