What is YOUR Level of HTML Knowledge?

I am a firm Level 5. What level are YOU at? This is a cute, and yet, thought provoking essay on levels of HTML savvy!

HTML Levels of Knowledge

The author says, “It spans all the way from people who know next to nothing about it to those who know it well enough to write the actual HTML specifications. I thought I’d describe a few different levels of HTML knowledge. For some people, these levels are stages that they pass while learning more and more about HTML, gradually understanding concepts such as web standards, semantics, and accessibility. Others are at a certain level because it matches their attitude towards HTML and coding in general. Many people never advance beyond the first few levels. For some that is just fine, while for others it is not. This is all written in a tongue-in-cheek way and is just my personal opinion. Please don’t over-react if you don’t agree or think some of the descriptions are a bit harsh. Try laughing instead.”

For an interesting “side-bar” thought to this post, the link below to an article that says that 50 MILLION people in the U.S. actually have posted content to the web in some form or fashion! Interesting!

50 Million Web Creators

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