Wimpy M$ Trade Group Cries About ODF Plug-in Request

A cry-baby group of Microsoft users are whimpering about the State of Massachusetts asking for an ODF (OpenDocument Format) plug-in for Microsoft Office. They claim that the State of Massachusetts has “an Open Source bias!” No! Horrors! Perhaps they should be shot! No? Drawn and quartered! No? Well, then, get over it!

Microsoft Trade Group Cries Over ODF Plug-in Request

“A trade association has blasted the Massachusetts Information and Technology Division (IDT) for requesting a plug-in for Microsoft’s Office Suite, seizing on the issue as evidence that the state’s policy of mandating the OpenDocument Format (ODF) is ‘a biased, open source-only preference policy.'”

Truly, I am shocked… shocked, I say!

Microsoft Office Plug-in for OpenDocuments

Microsoft was working with the OpenDocument folks to try and get their format made the OpenDocument standard. When the OpenDocument folks didn’t give in to the Evil Empire, M$ took it’s ball and bat and went home… they said that they wouldn’t support OpenDocument standards in Microsoft Office. Well, OpenDocument has released a plug-in for Office that will make Office deal with the open standard. This is cool!

OpenDocuments in Microsoft Office

Of course, the best thing to do, is to just use OpenOffice, which already supports OpenDocument standards. But, you gotta love this! The State of Massachusetts asked for the plugin:

“The request asked for information on a plug-in that would ‘allow Microsoft Office to easily open, render, and save to ODF files, and also allow translation of documents between Microsoft’s binary (.doc, .xls, .ppt) or XML formats and ODF.’ According to the OpenDocument Foundation, the plug-in would work for any version of Office from Office 97. Testing of the plugin has been completed by the group and no issues have arisen.”

Dr. Bill Podcast “Switch Edition” #35

Dr. Bill Podcast – 35 – (05/06/06)
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Intro, my headset is not quite what I want… next week my USB headset comes in! Dewd! Ad spot for the Caffination podcast, how to spell the – computer – curmudgeon URL, you got here so you got 2 points! 25% of Internet Explorer bugs remain unpatched! What up wit dat?!? Check out the Firefox link on the right hand column of the website… click it and get it! Ethanol even for non-green dewds! Common sense reasons to go with ethanol… stick it to the terrorists and the dictators, use ethanol! The doctor mixes up two stories about bio-fuels… oops! My bad! Do I need my tongue need pruning? OpenOffice, the cure for Microsoft FUD! 35% of business offices use illegal software… solve the problem by using OpenOffice! Geek Culture… switching to Linux from MS Windows! Super villians use Linux! You should too! Switch today! Be like Steve! Check out the flash video link:

Switch to Linux Spot

More Jonathan Coulton podsafe music… Christmas with the Andersons on “Chiron Beta Prime”, last news item… if everyone that has a DVR skips commercials, it will cost advertisers 8 BILLION dollars! Commercials should be fun… then maybe we’d watch them! Dr. Bill searches the net for the weird the strange and the odd, Geek Culture tidbits! Send me an e-mail!

8 Billion (with a “B”) Cost to Advertisers?

I have a DVR, in fact, I have two… one in the bedroom, one in the living room. I skip commercials. Commercials are stupid! BUT… am I costing advertisers money? Better question… do I care?

8 Billion (with a “B”) Cost to Advertisers?

They claim only 53% of DVR owners skip commercials… so, is that because they don’t know how to use them? Sheeesh! I skip, and I don’t care! (Sounds like a song, huh?) OK, maybe I should care… because all the media entertainment I am getting, I get because the advertisers pay my way. Will I still skip commercials… well, yeah! But, maybe I will feel the least bit guilty!

25% of IE Bugs REMAIN Unpatched!

This is YET ANOTHER report on a new, bad IE problem, but what got me was the admission at the very bottom of the article… on FULLY PATCHED Windows systems… Internet Explorer still has 25% of the known exploits un-patched… because there are, as yet, no patches for it! WHAT!!!!????

IE Problems Multiply

“Based on 85 advisories published by Secunia between 2003 and 2005, about 25 percent of IE bugs remain unpatched. More than 40 percent of those advisories are serious enough to be used in system compromise attacks.” (Emphasis mine.)

This is ridiculous!

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