This Blog: One Year Anniversary!

Today is officially one full year since starting this Blog! Wow! We have come a long way in one year! We now have not only the Blog, but the Podcast, and I am actually considering a VODcast (Videocast, Vlog… take your pick.) We have become part of the Network, and we have (as of today) 27 folks from around the world that have put a pin in our Frappr map (so far!)

So… time has marched on, and I trust that you have found my musings entertaining and informative! Let’s go boldly into the next year!


  • for us other curmudgeons who like our language, it is your FIRST ANNIVERSARY of your podcast.

    It as been One Year since you started, your FIRST anniversary. After all, when you were a year old, did you celebrate your ONE year birthday or your First birthday.

    what did your mom say?

  • So it is my FIRST Anniversary, OK. But why isn’t it a One Year Anniversary? Hasn’t it been a year? Actually, at one, I don’t remember what she said, given that it was 50 years ago… but, I bow to your expertise! I’m’a still gonna celebrate!

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