Senate Committee Approves Bill That Threatens to Kill the Free Internet

It hasn’t been voted on in the full Senate yet, but a bill that may destroy the free Internet as we have come to know it, that had already passed the Congress, is now on a fast track to pass through the Senate. We are in for dark days ahead unless the Senate can be made to see that we all benefit from a free an open Internet that is not “faster” for some, and “slower” to the “backwaters” of Internet users that won’t be able to pay gouging prices to be “in the fast lane!”

BBC Article – “Open net calls fall on deaf ears”

“Internet campaigners have failed in a bid to prevent plans for a so-called ‘two-tier’ Internet from going ahead. A US Senate committee has approved a bill which aims to let internet service providers provide some customers – and companies – with preferential services. Under the plans, providers would be allowed to give customers faster Internet access for a fee. ‘Net neutrality’ campaigners have attacked the plan, saying there should be equal access for all web users. The critics argue that the wildfire growth of online services has been driven by the ability to deliver services to anyone.”

Here’s “Ask a Ninja” on Net Neutrality!

Ask a Ninja – Special on Internet Neutrality!

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