This Kind of “Help” We DON’T Need!

A “gentleman” has decided to release sample code at the rate of one-per-day for every major browser this month! Sigh. THIS we REALLY don’t need! I suppose he is trying to make a point… but you just KNOW that folks are going to impliment these exploits to make life even more painful than it already is on the net! There has to be a better way!

A Browser Flaw a Day Keeps Hackers at Play

“A well-known hacker has stockpiled browser exploits and plans to release one flaw a day for the month of July to highlight the types of vulnerabilities affecting the world’s most widely used Web browsers. HD Moore, co-founder of the Metasploit Framework, has launched a new project called MoBB (Month of Browser Bugs) with daily releases of proof-of-concept code for flaws in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera and Konqueror. ‘We will publish a new browser hack, every day, for the entire month of July. The hacks we publish are carefully chosen to demonstrate a concept without disclosing a direct path to remote code execution,’ Moore said in a blog entry announcing the project.”

Ack! A “Month of Browser Bugs,” indeed! In case you haven’t already read it, I would suggest my article on, “How be Be Safe on the Web!,” available at the link below:

Dr. Bill’s “How to Stay Safe on the Web”, or, “It is Good to be Paranoid!”

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