Will Microsoft Produce an “Ipod-Killer?”

The Ipod from Apple has 70% of the personal digital media market locked up. Will a new offering from Microsoft make a dent in this market?

Microsoft Ipod-Killer?

Microsoft has the money and the “clout,” but will they pull it off? They plan on having an “iTunes-like” site to provide content for their new device as well.

“The new player, which Microsoft Corp. has been touting to record companies in the last few weeks, will let users download music and videos over the air, according to one source, a feature which would give it an edge over the iPod. Microsoft Corp. has also been showing a new media software, developing an application akin to Apple Computer Inc.’s iPod/iTunes integrated ecosystem, according to another source. Record companies are expected to be receiving prototypes to test in the coming weeks, said the first source. The sources said Microsoft will be throwing significant marketing dollars behind the launch.”

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