Firefox Web Browser Use in the U.S. Passes 15%!

Alright! The word is getting out! People are realizing that Internet Explorer is not safe! Firefox usage continues to grow! Life is good!

Firefox Use in the U.S. Passes 15%!

“Worldwide, Firefox now holds 12.93 percent of the market, up from 11.79 percent in May. The open source browser commands a 15.82 percent usage share in the United States, and a whopping 39.02 percent in Germany. Australians are also big Firefox users, with the browser holding 24.23 percent of the market down under. Internet Explorer use worldwide has fallen below 80 percent in the United States to 79.78 percent, according to OneStat, although IE still accounts for 83.05 percent of the browser market globally. British Web surfers are the biggest IE users, giving Microsoft’s browser 86.23 percent of the market.”

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